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Why you must donate to charity

The word of God urges us to give to others who are lacking or in need. There are people who are sick and needs financial assistance. As you are reading this another orphan is going out of school not because of School fees but a short and a shirt to wear. Some areas are in war and needs our help. Some areas have just encountered a natural disaster and needs our help. We can’t do this alone. But together we can conquerors.

How does it work?

You sent us an email telling us where you want your money to go? How you want your money to be used? And the amount or goods you are helping with. Then you make a donation into our Tn Cares account using your company name or individual name. If you do not want us to disclose your name we will do so.

For corporate donations we arrange and outsource the requirements on behalf of your company with the help of Tgs care a non profit organization that is changing lives focusing on Africa. We give the event and donation coverage. We aggressively share the good news with millions of people especially your geographical target market. For corporate donations kindly email to with all requirements.

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