Advertise with us

Why you must advertise with us

  1. To boost your sales
  2. Because it doesn’t cost but it pays to advertise with us
  3. To build trust with your potential customers
  4. You save on advertising while increasing your profits
  5. To boost your brand image


Benefits of advertising with us

  1. Because we have cheap rates
  2. Because your adverts will give you more than 200% turnover
  3. Because your adverts will reach thousands on our website at a very short time
  4. Because you will look big on our platform
  5. Because you will reach thousands with our social media package


Our pricing package

All our packages include social media aggressive campaign, banners ads on our site targeted per country. In all our advertising we give you reports on a weekly basis for you to see your performance.

Package Small biz Medium Biz Large Biz Enterprise
Frequency ratio 2 10 30 50
Social media 5 shares/d 15/d 75/d 125/d
Press release 1 3 5
Price /month R1000 R5000 R15 000 R25 000

Frequency ratio – simply means how many of your ads shows per circle of 100 views

Social media shares – ads or press release shares on social media on a daily basis

Press release  – we write a press release for you under your guidance share it to thousands or millions